Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eumora Bar

Eumora The Origina Of The WonderBar is a Sensational Moor facial bar, infused with HmA Factor (Hydration Micro Algae), formulated and 100% imported from Europe. Suitable for everyday use and all skin types, Eumora simply cleans, actively tones and moisturizes skin for a brighter, refreshed result.

Benefits of Eumora
1. helps to cleanse, tone and moisturize all skin types
2. helps the skin achieve a natural glow
3. helps to lift & firm (tightening) up the skin (Act just like toner so you don't have to buy toner anymore! - Reduce appearance of winkles too!)
4. helps to improve all kind of skin condition (eczema, rashes, pigmentations, acne,etc)
5. helps to cleanse oily skin and close up pores
6. helps with whitening of the skin
7. Also equally effective as a shampoo or shaving foam
8. Oily-free face up to 12hrsSee RESULTS IN 3 MINUTES and continues to work on your skin throughout the day!
Price: $145 1 bar (100g) (price negotiable)
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