Monday, May 31, 2010


Great Singapore Sales START TODAY!!!

1st Week Promotion - Manicure, Pedicure & DIY Nail art!!!
Fimo Fruity Strip --> 1 strip cut up to 100 slices.
FIMO FRUITY STRIP --> $1.00 Each
(Buy 10 get 2 FREE)

Seashell Manicure Bowl + Cuticle Softner = Best Partner --> Apply Cuticle Softner on your nails & soak it in for 5-10mins, it will help you remove your cuticle easily.


Cuticle Softener --> $4.90 for 15ml

Cuticle Nipper & Cuticle Pusher --> To push & cut your cuticle once a week.

Cuticle Nipper & Cuticle Pusher --> $4.90 Each

Fizz Ball --> Soak in you leg for 5-10mins & it will help you softer you dead skin.

FIZZ BALL --> $2.00 PER PACK 10balls

Nail File --> File the shape you wants.

Nail Buff --> To smoothen the surface & easy for you to apply nail polish.

3 Way Buff Shine --> Just 3 simple step youe nail will be Shinning ask you want.

Nail Brush --> It helps you to clean your toes nail & dirt.


Pedicure Foot File --> File away your Callus & dirt, before you file can apply some Callus Treatment on it, will help you file it off more easily.

Pedicure Foot File --> $2.00 Each

Foot Scrub + Foot Mask = Best Partner --> Aloe Vera Gel is a gentle Scrub for you to scrub off your dead skin & dirt, Pepper Mint Mask will smoothen your skin with cooling feeling.

FOOT SCRUB & FOOT MASK --> $15.00 for 1kg (SOLD)

Twist Menda Pump --> It can lock & to prevent your nail polish remover oxidise.

TWIST MENDA PUMP --> $2.00 for the empty bottle.

with Nail Polish Remover --> $6.90 for 4oz

Cuticle Oil --> Apply it around the cuticle area daily, will keep cuticle moisture.

Cuticle Oil --> $8.90 per bottle for 15ml

For more infomation kindly contact us @ or 8163 1832

Thanks so much for your support=)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Professional Nail Technician Courses (By Nouveau Nails U.S.A)

@ Awardnails Supply
2 Jurong East Street 21 IMM Building $04-15
Singapore 601609

Certificate In Professional Nail Techician Courses (By Nouveau Nail U.S.A)

*Inclusive of students kits worth than $500

Courses Details:

-Basic Manicure & Pedicure (12hrs)

-Basic 2D Nail Art (12hrs)

-Acrylic Extension (14hrs)

-Gel Extension (14hrs)

-Theory (2hrs)

SGD 1,500