Saturday, September 25, 2010

OPI Nail Polish ONLY @ $10.00!!

OPI Nail Polish ONLY @ $10.00 MAILED!!

Grab It before It gone! Limited Stocks!!!

A Grape Fit! B87

A Little Nookie* S93

Bright Power B67

Can You Tapas This? E42

Cara Mia Crimson* I32

Conquistadorable Colours E51

Dinner For Two* S85

Dress to Empress* J04

Elle's Pearls OPI* LB2

Espresson Your Style! 6R5

Galapa-ghost* A14

Go on Green! B43

Hong Kong Sunrise I08

Hopelessly in Love S81

How to Jamaica Million* C22
ps: Next Update 29th Oct 2010

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