Thursday, May 19, 2011

Collagen Treatment ONLY @ $60.00~

Collagen Treatment ONLY @ $60.00~

Clove Aromatherapy Collagen Treatment - For Sensitive Skin

Rose Aromatherapy Collagen Treatment - For All Skin Type

Thyme Aromatherapy Collagen Treatment - For Oily & Acne Skin

Eye Bag Treatment with All Facial Treatment - 25mins
(Worth $25.00)

All Facial are done with special Ampoules for your Skim Type

Call Us and BOOK NOW!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Special OFFER for Facial Treatment @ $50 ONLY!!

Today we had new deal for you ladies..

Special OFFER for Facial Treatment @ $50.00 ONLY!!

We had a few treatment for you to chose, just chose one to suit your skin =D

Here we go to tell you more about the treatment.

- Firming Facial Treatment - For All Skin Type

- DNA Frekle Facial Treatment - For Aged & Pigmented Skin

- Aroma Treatment Facial - For Sensitive Skin

- Acne Facial Treatment - For Acne / Oily Skin

- Skin Whitening Emulsion Facial - For Tanned Skin

- Moisturizing Treatment Facial - For Dry Skin

* All facial include: Cleanse, Scrub, Steam, Extraction, Massage, Mask-ing, Treatment Ampoule, toner & moisturiser.

Duration : up to 1hr 45mins

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Facial Service ADDED!!

Hi Dear Ladies,

We are going to recommend one more service today its Facial!!

As you know we woman have a of problem to take care. But don't worry F Nail Polish will have all the services to serve you better.

Alright let me recommend you some basic facial first :

Relax 20mins

1. Scrub

2. Cleanse

3. Steam

4. Massage

* Duration 30mins, $20 per session.

Hydrating Facial

1. Scrub

2. Cleanse


4. Bye Bye Black Head ( Extraction)

5. Massage

6. Mask

7. Tone

* Duration 60mins, $50 per session.

Contact us for more information

Term & condition apply.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Waxing Service ADDED!!

Waxing Service ADDED!!

Go Brazillian Waxing!

Drop the shaver, coz nothing beats a session of Brazillian Waxing. When it come with 2 great thing - NICE & SMOOTH

Waxing help you remove unwanted hair, it make you feel complete and wholesome.

Just follow the trend!! More and more people are going for hairless NOW!!

It's a NEW thing in town!

So call us and BOOK NOW!!

Waxing Services

- Full Body Wax - $75 sgd

- Full Hand - $16 sgd

- Full Leg - $32 sgd

- Half Arm - $10 sgd

- Half Leg - $16 sgd

- Half Back Waxing - $16 sgd

- Underarm - $10 sgd

House call minimum 2 headcount & above

Transportation will be charge depend which area $6- $15

Email Us @ or call us @ +65 8101 9881

Monday, May 9, 2011

Threading Service ADDED!

Hi Ladies,

We had added in 1 more service to serve you better.. Kindly give your support =D


Threading - What's threading?

Face threading is an ancient face removal method that had been practiced by woman in ASIA & MIDDLE EAST for thousand years.

This ancient pratice is typically not taught by the beautician , but it is a family skill that is passing down from generation to generation.

Recents years, facial threading has become the trendiest way of facial hair removal because of its various benefit and now it is very widely available in ASIA beauty salon worldwide.

The last we checked some non ASIA beauty salon has the service too.

So don't wait anymore CALL US & BOOK US NOW for the THREADING SERVICE!!

Threading Services

- Chin - $5.oo sgd

- Eyebrows - $8.00 sgd

- Forehead - $5.00 sgd

- Full Face - $18.00 sgd (including eyebrows)

- Upper Lip - $6.00 sgd

House call minimum 3 & above headcount.

Transportation to be charge depend on which area from $6 - $15

Email us for more information OR call us @ 8101 9881

Parties, Events, Company Function are all welcome =D

Stay tune for more services to be update.

Thanks you for your support.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PVC Sofa & Ikea Folding Chair

PVC Sofa & Ikea Folding Chair

2 seated PVC sofa, bought it at $175.. Willing to let go at $100 CASH & CARRY! Condition 9/10

Height 31 inch, Length 49 inch, Width 26 inch

Ikea Folding Chair @ $5.00 (20 pics to be clear)

Available in WHITE & BLUE

Contact if you are interested =)

Hp: +65 8101 9881