Sunday, May 15, 2011

Special OFFER for Facial Treatment @ $50 ONLY!!

Today we had new deal for you ladies..

Special OFFER for Facial Treatment @ $50.00 ONLY!!

We had a few treatment for you to chose, just chose one to suit your skin =D

Here we go to tell you more about the treatment.

- Firming Facial Treatment - For All Skin Type

- DNA Frekle Facial Treatment - For Aged & Pigmented Skin

- Aroma Treatment Facial - For Sensitive Skin

- Acne Facial Treatment - For Acne / Oily Skin

- Skin Whitening Emulsion Facial - For Tanned Skin

- Moisturizing Treatment Facial - For Dry Skin

* All facial include: Cleanse, Scrub, Steam, Extraction, Massage, Mask-ing, Treatment Ampoule, toner & moisturiser.

Duration : up to 1hr 45mins

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