Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Waxing Service ADDED!!

Waxing Service ADDED!!

Go Brazillian Waxing!

Drop the shaver, coz nothing beats a session of Brazillian Waxing. When it come with 2 great thing - NICE & SMOOTH

Waxing help you remove unwanted hair, it make you feel complete and wholesome.

Just follow the trend!! More and more people are going for hairless NOW!!

It's a NEW thing in town!

So call us and BOOK NOW!!

Waxing Services

- Full Body Wax - $75 sgd

- Full Hand - $16 sgd

- Full Leg - $32 sgd

- Half Arm - $10 sgd

- Half Leg - $16 sgd

- Half Back Waxing - $16 sgd

- Underarm - $10 sgd

House call minimum 2 headcount & above

Transportation will be charge depend which area $6- $15

Email Us @ f-nailpolish@live.com or call us @ +65 8101 9881

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  1. Maior segurança para todos os tipos de pele-IPL é apropriado para todos os tipos de pele. Todas as partes do corpo podem ganhar tratamentos de,depilação definitiva remoção de pêlos, excluindo a área ao redor dos olhos, e tudo quase sem dor.